Brian Morrison Ph.D

Clinical Psychologist


As a high school counselor over ten years ago, I heard Dr. Brian Morrison’s name multiple times during the first month of my employment. Four young men in the high school individually shared with me, as their guidance counselor, that they were seeing Dr. Morrison to work out some personal issues. Given that the experiences they reported as clients were all very positive, I thought it would be a good idea to meet Brian.

Prior to becoming a guidance counselor, I had co-owned a private marriage, family, and child counseling practice and always appreciated knowing other therapists to whom I could refer clients. So, Brian and I met and I soon learned that he possessed the qualities that reflect an extraordinary therapist: integrity, compassion, intelligence, and a commitment to providing optimal service to his clients. I began referring male and female students and their families to Brian and over the years, I have and continue to receive the most positive feedback and gratitude for the referrals to Brian. Dr. Morrison works with individuals, couples, and families effectively and efficiently. I will only refer others to someone in whom I have absolute confidence and Brian is that person.

- a local high school guidance counselor

After many years of suffering in silence, I reached out for help for a severe anxiety problem. My reality was that life was centered around fear and avoidance of things like flying, elevators, certain social situations and, at times, debilitating panic attacks. As a businessman, husband and father of three children, my anxiety problems were hindering my life on a daily basis. When I started therapy with Dr. Morrison, I was quite skeptical about ever feeling better as I had been struggling with anxiety for most of my life. Brian introduced me to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and accurately defined and understood the nature of my problems. Over the course of therapy, he helped me identify and reconcile the roots of my anxiety and develop tools to confront it using my thoughts, behavior and emotions. I learned about breathing and relaxation techniques, systematic desensitization, and taking command of my thoughts. I didn't know that therapy included "homework" but Brian had me doing it every week. I rode elevators, spoke up at parties, took the Metrolink to work, and eventually flew short trips to San Diego and back. I am now able to be in enclosed spaces (no more stairs!), no longer have panic attacks, and took my first ever trip with my family on a plane, shortly after I completed therapy. I really appreciated the fact that Brian equipped me to handle my problems rather than simply make me dependent on him to get by. I would highly recommend Dr. Morrison to anyone suffering from anxiety problems.

Essential Components to a therapeutic relationship: